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  • Cold/Hot without Delay: Heat-resistant range -20℃C-120℃c, stable performance, not easy to be deformed when hot or cold. It can be refrigerated and kept fresh in the refrigerator to retain nutrition. Microwave, instant heating by microwave, no need to wait and not eat cold food.

  • For Your Pet: It can withstand the test of high temperature, with safe material, and supports by boiling, steam, ultraviolet and other methods (Tips: do not blanch in boiling water for more than 2 minutes). Newly upgraded and thickened 30% fearless drop quality portable handle design, convenient for parent-child travel.

  • Humanized Handle Design: Nutritious and delicious to carry around. The portable handle design is convenient for parents and children to travel. The compact body is convenient to carry and the mini body is a good companion for babies.

  • Large Capacity: With a small body and large capacity, it can become a multi-functional granary in seconds, and it can be transformed into a treasure box, which can easily hold fruits, complementary foods, and snacks. Large-size opening design, easy loading and unloading of milk powder. Large opening design makes it easier to pour and take out milk powder so easily and effortlessly.

  • Double-sealed Preservation: no need to worry about milk powder leaking and damp, scraper pockets and smoothing, accurate control of the amount, no need to repeatedly shake the spoon to estimate, save time and effort, and make milk quickly. Powder and scoop are stored separately for convenient and more hygienic storage. The ingenious design of the inner cover of the spoon can securely fix the milk powder spoon, and it can also be easily taken out of one cover, making storage more hygienic.

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